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Krav Maga Yashir Boston
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Krav Maga Yashir Boston
Charlestown Maritime Ctr (3 FL)
MA 02129

Tel: (339) 224-8005

Krav Maga Yashir

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Krav Maga Yashir Books
By Gershon Ben Keren

In 2013, Gershon Ben Keren, was approached by Tuttle Publishing to write a book on Krav Maga, and the Krav Maga Yashir system. The book was published in 2014, and has been reviewed by and critically acclaimed by journals such as the U.S. Military Review, along with military professionals and leaders in the security industry. The book is not just about Krav Maga, but explains how Krav Maga techniques canvas be used and madev to work in real life situations. If you would like to learn more about the book, and read sample chapters please click here.

Krav Maga Google Talk
Gershon Ben Keren

In February 2015, Gershon Ben Keren was invited to Google as part of Google's Author Talk series, to talk about personal safety, security and Krav Maga. To see the talk please click here

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Krav Maga FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions about our program(s) please take a look to see if it is answered on this page. If not please feel free to contact us with your enquiry by clicking here. If you would rather just take a free class and have your questions answered in person please book one online by clicking here.

The questions below are the ones that we find are most commonly asked. The list is of course not exhaustive, and if your questions aren't answered by those below, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Click on any question below to be taken to the answer:

How Long Will It Take Me to Get To A Reasonable Level At Krav Maga?

Krav Maga systems on the whole are fairly basic, being designed to get people to handle a lot of situations very quickly. Originally the idea was to create a self-defense system rather than a fighting system; meaning quick defenses and escapes etc followed by immediate disengagement. An approach that is ideally suited for training soldiers in non-specialized infantry units and who have little time in their training schedule to spare for actual hand-to-hand combat.

Our program is far more comprehensive than the majority of Krav Maga programs that are taught outside of Israel. Our aim is to build an individual's fighting skills e.g. balance, stability and effective movement etc so that a student can survive those situations where disengagement is not an option. Within Israel this is how Krav Maga is taught, unfortunately outside of Israel this side of self-defense is rarely taught or developed. In fact in some schools that teach Krav Maga, classes may be little more than a workout, with a few self-defense techniques thrown in.

The first 6 months of our program is dedicated to getting you able to defend yourself in the shortest possible time against the most common and realistic street attacks e.g. we don't spend a lot of time dealing with unrealistic attacks such as static chokes etc and instead concentrate on those types of assault which a person is most likely to face, such as muggings, face-to-face disputes etc.

At the same time we start to develop actual fighting skills, like range control, generation of power etc that enable people to become truly comprehensive fighters. These skills take a little more time.

How Many Classes A Week Should I Take?

You can take as many Krav Maga classes as you want, training twice a day, five times a week etc. however we wouldn't recommend it, as you will soon find yourself tired and exhausted. In such a state you will find that you start to get diminishing returns from your training. Most of our students find that training 2-3 times a week, is the optimal number of times to train in a 7 day period.

How Much Are Krav Maga Classes?

When you join Krav Maga Yashir Boston you will receive the following benefits:

  • Unlimited Krav Maga Classes
  • Black Belt Instruction Direct From Israe
  • CQC/Reality Based Training Seminars
  • Environmental & Beach Training Classes
  • Tactical Medical Training
  • SEPS Personal Safety Training
  • Unlimited Bootcamp Training
  • Access to our 16 000 sq ft facility
  • Use of Our 5000 Sq Ft Gym & Instruction
  • Discounts On Visiting Instructor Seminars
  • Opportunities To Train in Israel

Frequently Asked Questions About Krav Maga Classes In Boston We charge $165/month for unlimited training and access to all the services and classes above - this is $129/mo if you are law enforcement, military, corrections, a veteran, a first responder or a full time student (At signing you will receive a copy of "Krav Maga - Real World Solutions To Real World Violence" by Gershon Ben Keren. Above all you get to be part of a school and a community that is serious about its Krav Maga training, where members are supportive of each other and train without ego. Our school is very different to most martial arts school, and models itself on the collective/family approach that typifies Krav Maga & Self Defense schools in Israel. We offer a week of free training so that you can experience our unique atmosphere and training environment, and get to experience authentic Israeli Krav Maga- there is no hard sell or "sales pitch",and we never try to convince anyone to join, we simply present what we do on the mats and let our teaching and training speak for itself.

To book a free class and start your free week of training click here.

What Clothing/Equipment Do I Have To Wear?

When you first come and train with us, we suggest you wear loose fitting training clothes. We are a fully matted gym and so we request that you train barefoot or that you wear dedicated mat shoes e.g. wrestling boots, martial arts shoes etc. When you join the center/academy you will be given the school T-shirt to wear. If you wish to spar you will need to purchase sparring equipment however this type of training isn't introduced until later in your training so there is no immediate need to purchase.

How Fit Do I Have To Be To Practice Krav Maga?

Whatever your fitness level is at present you will be able to take part in a Krav Maga class. In our "Beginners Krav Maga" classes we will work with you to help build up your fitness and stamina. Through the use of fighting games, drills and pad work you will soon see improvements to your fitness.

If you want to make rapid improvements in this are you should consider taking our "Cosher Kravi" (Combat Fitness) classes. Take a look at our Fitness Training Page by clicking here.

These classes and this training is only open to members of the school. However if you would like to book a regular free trial class and get a taste of our "Cosher Kravi", combat fitness training, which we also fit into our regular classes, you can book a free trial class by Clicking Here

The Krav Maga Blog

Gershon Ben Keren's Krav Maga Blog
Stay Up To Date With The Latest In Personal Safety, Self-Protection, Krav Maga & Terrorism Awareness With Gershon Ben Keren's Weekly Blog

Gershon Ben Keren started his blog back in January of 2012, and has been writing it weekly (sometimes twice weekly) ever since, covering a diverse range of personal safety, self-defense, criminology and Krav Maga topics. He has also commented on local and international criminal/terrorist acts that have been in the news, and has offered opinion and security articles concerning them. In 2013, after following his blog, Tuttle publishing approached him to write a book about Krav Maga, personal safety and self-defense. If you would like to read articles from the blog, please click here.